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August 20, 2019

Paul Songwriting in Studio

Paul has recently recorded some new tracks – with a twist. Whilst Paul has written the songs; he has chosen not to perform on them this time around.

‘These songs are better served if recorded by other artists and that is the intended purpose for the songs. They are ‘pop songs’ in a true sense and represent the kind of songwriting I am very happy with and would love to hear other artist bring further life to’.

Here are two such songs; ‘New Day’; a joyful celebration and affirmation of life and new possibilities and ‘Stay’ a ballad with an Elton John inspired middle 8th section.

Hope you enjoy them!

January 29, 2019

Wishing Well Video scores twice at the IDI Design Awards 2018

Paul Hourican’s unique video for “Wishing Well” has picked up a brace of awards at this year’s IDI Design awards.

The 20th Anniversary of the event was held on the 24th January to showcase the contribution of over 250 designers and collaborators across Ireland, recognising exemplary design vision and honouring outstanding achievement across all disciplines of design.

“Wishing Well” picked up the Best Animated Short Film award as well as the Emerging Designer Trophy for Aileen Crossley, whose original and organic approach to animation was recognised early by Paul when he was searching for creative collaborators.

November 30, 2018

Paul shares demo from musical

Paul has been busy writing the workings of a musical for some time now and would like to share a demo of one of the tracks written for the project. This track is tentatively titled ‘In America’ with Paul’s wife Susan taking lead vocal…

Demo – In America Play TuneLyrics

October 31, 2018

Fancy Dress Come Halloween

Today seems an appropriate day to unveil the only song that Paul has written (yet) that mentions Halloween. ‘A Simple Life’ is a beautiful ballad that was recording in Monkstown in Dublin during the ‘Sea-Change’ recording sessions. It didn’t quite make it onto the track listing for the album however we hope want to share it here and hope you enjoy it!

A Simple Life Play TuneLyrics

April 16, 2018

‘A Good Track, Not A Great Track’

Entitled ‘I Will Follow You Down‘ the below song did not make the cut in terms of the track listing for ‘Sea-Change’. In the words of a late great personal mentor who steered me throughout the creative process in the making of this album; the aforementioned song was ‘a good track, not a great track’. Well, I won’t argue with that. Quite the opposite in fact. I agreed wholeheartedly with every opinion expressed by this giant of a man whose funeral I sadly attended this past week and who made an indelible mark on me personally whilst shaping the creation of what was to become ‘Sea-Change’ – ‘it has to be great, nothing less will do‘!

Thankfully not every track was deemed to be merely good and to my delight many were highlighted as being ‘truly great – a song that’s as good as any other song out there and the album is superior to other artists within the genre‘. I was inspired, I was converted and I felt I finally found the kind of people I’d been looking for who spoke my language. That rare breed who delight in the creation of art and the pleasure and discourse that emanates from its creation and performance. I was drawn in and I wanted in because an artist can often feel ‘out’; ‘a stranger within the gate’, as the saying goes…

I Will Follow You Down‘ is not on ‘Sea-Change’; well at least not in it’s entirety as below…there is a ‘secret track’ a few minutes following the closing song ‘The Darkest Day’ on the album that borrows from this song. It is a celebration of joy and my answer to that ‘journey into joy’. In truth the verses are filled with the self-doubt of the everyday with questions posed and directed towards the ‘muse’. My sense is that art in any form, serves to deepen our appreciation for life and perhaps the role of the artist is to reflect back to those who are not quite interlopers the beauty they sometimes miss.

I Will Follow You Down Play TuneLyrics

December 20, 2017

A Winter’s Night In Dublin

I was recently reminded of the below lyric reading a very interesting article in the Irish Times by Louisa Carroll tracing the literary histories of both the Grand Canal on the south side of Dublin city and the Royal Canal on the north side of Dublin city.

The below lyric is a true encounter of a night some years ago when myself and my then girlfriend fell out of the wonderful establishment that is O’Briens pub on Leeson Street where my favourite Irish poet Patrick Kavanagh often frequented. The lyric below pays homage (hopefully without pastiche!) to that wonderful man born with the poet’s eye. As it’s nearing Christmas (and there’s no place like Dublin for Christmas), I simply wanted to share it at this time of year.

Best wishes,


As We Walked Late By The Grand Canal

Drunk one night I remember well
As we walked late by the Grand Canal
You with me and me with you
Footfall loose on leafy dew
The still of night, the darkness bright
Your eyes soft in the cold moonlight
You looked at me in a playful way
And I laughed aloud when i heard you say,
‘When will you marry me my love’?
As lightening struck down from above
And I stumbled there upon the bank
Where leafy love had swam and sank

But buried in my heart I knew
As snowdrops stood above the dew
That we were one and one was two
As you were me and I was you
And dancing still beneath the bright
The winter’s wind with all its might
Blew our plans up into the air
Like some old song or forgotten prayer
The future; unwritten in it’s rhyme
As the evening bells from churches chimed
I moved in closer beneath your breath
And I knew my heart was yours ’til death
With your cold cheek glowing and eyes so knowing
We smiled and we knew and we kept on going.

December 12, 2017

New Track and Note From Paul

Dear Friends,

Sincere thanks for taking the time to check out my new website; it is much appreciated. It’s been a long time since I have been outwardly active in the music world. Life has a way of intervening in all of our lives at times taking us from ourselves, our passions and our joys. For me I love music and it’s vitally important that I remain active in both music and writing so as to lead what I feel is a fulfilling life. I have no expectations at all but rather feel it a responsibility to present the work with confidence in the hope that it may resonate with people in the same light that music from so many varied and great artists has made such an important contribution to my own life.

I don’t know if I will pursue live performance though I am certainly drawn to it under the right circumstances. For me it’s important to have a vehicle to share the music and words in a public forum without overstating the case. Personally I’m not drawn to social media though I have conceded to a certain extent as one must in today’s intrusive world in order to share ones work though I am certainly not interested in sharing other aspects of my life publicly in this fashion. This said I am very happy that there is a way in which music and art may now be ushered out into the world for the purpose of it’s own being.

I often think of the late Seamus Heaney who once said that ‘at any one time we live in two world’s; there’s the world of our day to day, get up and go, put petrol in the car and then there’s the world of the imagination and the world of poetry. If at any one time you find yourself too far steeped in either one of those world’s you are off-balance’. So for me music and writing will hopefully always remain an integral part of my life and I very much subscribe to the words of Heaney which to me is sage advice from possibly the greatest grandfather Ireland ever had. ‘Your poetry’, he continued; ‘is your grace and outside of this you are obliged to earn your living like everyone else.’ This is an attempt to get back to that world of creativity, spirit and grace.

In this light I’d like to share with you a track that is not on the forthcoming album ‘Sea-Change’. It is a song entitled ‘In a Time (When I Had Freedom)’ and I recall writing it in the national British Library in Kings Cross in London late one autumn afternoon. The words fell out onto the page when I was trying (and failing) to reach heights greater than my own however that won’t keep me from striving further again…and again.

Again sincere thanks for taking the time to stop by and listen to the music. I hope it speaks to you in some way or another.

Best wishes,

Paul Hourican

In a Time (When I Had Freedom) Play TuneLyrics

December 11, 2017

New Official Video for Wishing Well

We’re delighted to announce the launch of a beautifully new animated official video for Wishing Well created by the wonderfully talented Aileen Crossley. We are truly delighted with the fruits of Aileen’s labour and delighted to say that there is more on the way from her in this regard.

Thank you to Aileen for all of her amazing work which beautifully complements the first release from the forthcoming album Sea-Change. Please see for more details.

December 10, 2017

New Website Launched

Hi there and welcome to the new There are some very exciting developments afoot including; new videos, rare recordings, writings from Paul and a full release of the album ‘Sea-Change’ scheduled for March 2018. Stay tuned for more to follow…