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Paul Hourican Sea-Change Album Cover
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Zebra Days

From the album Sea-Change © 2018 Hurricane Music Company

When the sadness sets in and you know not where to go
Your heart it feels heavy and head it sinks low

When the daylight is done but your works’ yet begun
Your low in your high chair,night leading you on

If the north wind blows in and your cold heart goes out
Your feet are so busy but draggin’you south

Oh I’ve sailed the world’s seas and I can’t find my port
By the light of the bright moon I still come up short

Oh my home do I miss, when will fate lend a kiss?
If you never had nothin’there’d be nothin’to miss

N’ver a fighter was born who did not shed blood
To get to the forest,gotta walk through the mud

Oh the brightest star shines, it just takes one spark
The greater the light,the deeper the dark

If you know your own path then live and let be
And the sorrow that binds you will soon set you free