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A sample of past reviews...

'catchy pop fare and grungy guitar to suit anyone's ever-changing mood' ****
The Irish Times

'Let The Enemy In is glorious ... and suggests that Hourican is going to be a great album artist' ... 'A fantastic album from start to finish; the perfect debut album' 5 Stars


With influences ranging from Van Morrison to Davids Kitt and Gray, Paul Hourican is in the vanguard of Irish pop-rock writers taking the genre away from acoustic poor-me introspection into something more vital and engaging. Indeed he has such a winning way with a melody and arrangements, as well as a cool band, that most of thesongs here work without recourse to lyrical content.

'New York City Lights' has a Fleetwood Mac feel to it, allied to hints at 'All Along The Watchtower', while 'Even Though You're Gone' strays into Coldplay/U2 territory. 'One Step Forward' is a star track on any album, with it's sturdy tune and insistent beat. 'Alive' has a loping T Rex- lite beat, while 'All I Ever Wanted' is Hourican at his more reflective, as is 'Lost At Sea', an achingly uncompromising piano-lead love ballad. He brings a winning falsetto vocal to the upbeat folk-rock offering that is 'She's Gotta be (the one)' and 'In A Funny Way' has a light, airy melody to melt the coldest heart. Finally, on the evocatively churchy 'Let It Go' he most reveals his folk influence, but with obvious conviction and pathos. With his flexible, sincere voice, his poetic lyrics and songs that are so tightly-structured as to seem indestructible, Paul Hourican has crafted as superb a debut as we've had in a while.

Jackie Hayden - Hotpress

'All I Ever Wanted is much better than many of todays chart tracks'
The Beat Surrender

'This is an immensely impressive first album' ****
Eamon de Paor, Metro

'Paul Hourican writes great songs!!'
News of the World

Singer-songwriters are usually the enemy of all right-thinking rock fans, but here's a guy who can pull off the delicate Damien Rice stuff alongside catchy pop fare grungy guitar blues. Hourican, who hails from Malahide, has been forging his own path through the whole range of pop and rock styles. Here are tunes to suit anyone's ever-changing mood. From the big-hearted tunesmithery of EVEN THOUGH YOUR'RE GONE to the slip-sliding blues of ALIVE, the surefooted ONE STEP FORWARD, the laddish 'SHE'S GOTTA BE (THE ONE)' and the tender gospel of LET IT GO. Just when you think Hourican has exhausted his palette, he shows another facet to his talent - and brings you even deeper under his spell. Even when he trips up, as on the parping DON'T KNOW IF I DO KNOW (it sounda like the theme to Pat Kenny's radio show), Hourican's enthusiam and dexterity carry him through.
Kevin Courtney - The Irish Times

'Like an Irish Richard Hawley, Paul Hourican has a superb voice and a gift for a melody that just begs for repeating listens'
Martin Sirl,

'Wishing Well is the best EP I've reviewed this year while the title track is the best song from an Irish artist I've heard this year'